Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pushing your senses.

There is this constant need for people to get high.Be it cigarettes,alcohol,glue,cat pee or concussions,everyone wants to get high.For those who don't want to,they just don't know it yet.But why lose control of your senses in this fast paced 'Swap eat Swap' world? (Pardon the inside jokes).
Is it because of the worldly stress?
To feel like a G6?
Peer pressure?
Cause you slipped and fell face first in a pool of acid?
Or for the sheer fuck of it.
What ever may be your sorry excuse,its always going to end up being a good time.(Unless you just smoked crack and live off the streets)
Never get high with people unknown.Is bad idea.Always.
I know this because I done this.
But nothing,and I mean nothing beats getting high and listening to some good ol Pink Floyd/The Doors/Buckethead.
It feels like God's own hand has descended from the heavens above to give you a hand-job.
I am going to hell,aren't I.