Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hold the cheese please.

I'm sure you have noticed,but there are a lot of lame people around nowadays.Unnecessary displays of affection is the real reason behind global warming and tapeworms.Damn right.Those innumerable hearts and kisses and hugs and devil knows what else make me sick to my stomach.
Well haters will hate but I think is highly lame to spam your "besties" (bleh)  wall with your affection.No one wants to see that.
And for the sake of the dying whales in Japan.DO NOT put up a random emo chicks picture as your profile picture.
It is just false advertising.And like I always say,
There are no ugly photos,just ugly people.
Stop complaining (irony much?)! and deal with it.
Young skanks growing up to be nothing but a pain in the society's ass.<insert yo momma joke here>

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just the way I like my coffee.

A few weeks back I had posted a status regarding my honest feeling about racism and the seriously flawed theory behind it.What did you expect,I couldn't possibly write a note about Arthritides after watching Remember The Titans and a documentary about Martin Luther King in the same night.So racism it was.And my words of wisdom went something like this.

Racism surely has a major flaw in the color aspect,considering the fact that black kinda empowers all the other colors.
And white according to me isn't even a color.
Stupid KKK.

But then some bright sunshines respond to me saying that white is a composition of all the colors and arguing about Newton's color wheel.
Honestly people,those white red necks won't understand the Newton's color wheel even if it came up and bitch slapped them and drilled their mommas on top of their television sets..
And besides,the African origins should have used their semi-colored brains to come to same result I did.
Would have helped them against the tight belting they got hence forth.
Being a brown Asian boy in the middle east,I know less than I need to about this outdated issue.
So I guess it's all cool now back in the west,You won't get fucked around for what color of skin you got anymore.
Unless you are black of course,
Cause that shit never gets old.
My bad.

Rules of life

Had posted it as statuses on facebook but want to repost it here as a collection.And I don't really trust facebook very much.

Rule of life 101

If it feels right,it's probably wrong.

Rule of life 102

If it feels wrong,someone is having fun at your expense.
And chances are,it just might be You.

Rule of life 103

Freedom of speech isn't really practiced,it's the Freedom of hearing which is the real deal.You may say what you want but I have the freedom to choose weather I like what I'm hearing.
If not,then we have a problem.

Rule of life 104

There is always a catch.

Rule of life 105 

No matter how smart,attractive and utterly deceiving you are,there is always someone better than you.And you can't do anything about it.
Don't be
cause the same rule applies to stupidity.

Rule of life 106

You might find my thought as shallow as a Chinese kid's swimming pool but almost everyone only like someone else only for what they look like and not for what kind of person they really are.
No one would fall in love with a exception of Darwin's theory of evolution (an ape look alike if you will) even 
if he/she is an amazing person.
Admit it.

Rule of life 107

Those who abuse the peace hand sign shall go to hippies hell.

Rule of life 108 

If there is no bad news,trust me that's good news.

Rule of life 109
Good humor is never copied,only shared.


A little more than subtle.

I believe the charm that used to be in vulgar abuses is there no more.The "sting" is not just something that sticks out of a bee's buttock but rather the delivery and precision of a verbal abuse.Three are three different ways to give out a perfect abuse depending on the situation and the size of the brain to whom to speak out to.

1.The straight forward "red-neck" mannerism.
2.The delicate placement.
Your mom is chubby and works at a brothel as a prostitute. 
3.The ingenuousness which will probably go over everyone's head.
 Your big boned mother earns money by walking down the thin line between pregnancy and STDs.
So that being that,you should go fuck yourself.

See what I did there.That's the fourth kind of abuse.It doesn't get listed cause it's called the Ninja abuse.
You never know when it's coming.
Just like your momma felt about me yesterday night.
Ok seriously.I got to stop.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ruffies for your queries.

Considering the name of my blog,I'd say it's more of a discussion of doubts than a complaint box.
It's human nature to question things.But raising your fist requires balls,and hence woman need not complain and rather make the damn sandwiches and clean them clothes like they are supposed to.(NO,your a sexist).
You probably had it incorporated in your pea of a brain to complain about things right back when you were given the gift of life, your dad's ball sack.
what!..unless you are the son of god, I hardly doubt you were dropped by a drunk stock.Yeah,going to be awkward looking at your dad right now huh.Never mind that.

For it is I

A little about myself.
I consider myself a dreamer.Dream about doing great things.So don't be so quick to judge when you see me dozing...

What part of little din't you get?