Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just the way I like my coffee.

A few weeks back I had posted a status regarding my honest feeling about racism and the seriously flawed theory behind it.What did you expect,I couldn't possibly write a note about Arthritides after watching Remember The Titans and a documentary about Martin Luther King in the same night.So racism it was.And my words of wisdom went something like this.

Racism surely has a major flaw in the color aspect,considering the fact that black kinda empowers all the other colors.
And white according to me isn't even a color.
Stupid KKK.

But then some bright sunshines respond to me saying that white is a composition of all the colors and arguing about Newton's color wheel.
Honestly people,those white red necks won't understand the Newton's color wheel even if it came up and bitch slapped them and drilled their mommas on top of their television sets..
And besides,the African origins should have used their semi-colored brains to come to same result I did.
Would have helped them against the tight belting they got hence forth.
Being a brown Asian boy in the middle east,I know less than I need to about this outdated issue.
So I guess it's all cool now back in the west,You won't get fucked around for what color of skin you got anymore.
Unless you are black of course,
Cause that shit never gets old.
My bad.

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