Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hold the cheese please.

I'm sure you have noticed,but there are a lot of lame people around nowadays.Unnecessary displays of affection is the real reason behind global warming and tapeworms.Damn right.Those innumerable hearts and kisses and hugs and devil knows what else make me sick to my stomach.
Well haters will hate but I think is highly lame to spam your "besties" (bleh)  wall with your affection.No one wants to see that.
And for the sake of the dying whales in Japan.DO NOT put up a random emo chicks picture as your profile picture.
It is just false advertising.And like I always say,
There are no ugly photos,just ugly people.
Stop complaining (irony much?)! and deal with it.
Young skanks growing up to be nothing but a pain in the society's ass.<insert yo momma joke here>

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