Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little more than subtle.

I believe the charm that used to be in vulgar abuses is there no more.The "sting" is not just something that sticks out of a bee's buttock but rather the delivery and precision of a verbal abuse.Three are three different ways to give out a perfect abuse depending on the situation and the size of the brain to whom to speak out to.

1.The straight forward "red-neck" mannerism.
2.The delicate placement.
Your mom is chubby and works at a brothel as a prostitute. 
3.The ingenuousness which will probably go over everyone's head.
 Your big boned mother earns money by walking down the thin line between pregnancy and STDs.
So that being that,you should go fuck yourself.

See what I did there.That's the fourth kind of abuse.It doesn't get listed cause it's called the Ninja abuse.
You never know when it's coming.
Just like your momma felt about me yesterday night.
Ok seriously.I got to stop.

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