Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rules of life

Had posted it as statuses on facebook but want to repost it here as a collection.And I don't really trust facebook very much.

Rule of life 101

If it feels right,it's probably wrong.

Rule of life 102

If it feels wrong,someone is having fun at your expense.
And chances are,it just might be You.

Rule of life 103

Freedom of speech isn't really practiced,it's the Freedom of hearing which is the real deal.You may say what you want but I have the freedom to choose weather I like what I'm hearing.
If not,then we have a problem.

Rule of life 104

There is always a catch.

Rule of life 105 

No matter how smart,attractive and utterly deceiving you are,there is always someone better than you.And you can't do anything about it.
Don't be
cause the same rule applies to stupidity.

Rule of life 106

You might find my thought as shallow as a Chinese kid's swimming pool but almost everyone only like someone else only for what they look like and not for what kind of person they really are.
No one would fall in love with a exception of Darwin's theory of evolution (an ape look alike if you will) even 
if he/she is an amazing person.
Admit it.

Rule of life 107

Those who abuse the peace hand sign shall go to hippies hell.

Rule of life 108 

If there is no bad news,trust me that's good news.

Rule of life 109
Good humor is never copied,only shared.


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