Friday, October 29, 2010

What does it mean?

No,this ain't a thesis on the double rainbow (That shit just cannot be explained).But rather it's about people without comebacks or better responses.
eg 1.
Me:"hey,you are a complete idiot".

Random 1:"what do you mean I'm a complete idiot?".

Honestly,it does not mean that I think you have a gorgeous brow and would love some oreos in your nostrils.It god damn means "you are an idiot"idiot.

eg 2.
Me:"Hey I think the guy you are looking for just left".

Random 2:"What do you mean he left?".

Sigh,I could explain his departure better to you but unfortunately I don't really speak retard.
So stop asking the meaning of statements which can never be questions.
It's stupid.Infact it's more than stupid.
It's a red raccoons butt cream.
So,are you a dead raccoons but cream?....well?
I thought so.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



wat the fuck is that?


it dosent even look like a word.

All you fucking lol,rofl,roflmao,dsfhjgh(i just made that up)(no wait i didnt)(no i did.fuckface) "coolsters".


It is not wait kewl(fuckface),to use that.It is not a word and if u really found something that funny then laugh fuckers.


Online fine,its just acceptable,but when i fucking tell you a 10 min story about how i banged your neighbours mom(actually yours) and then got caught by neighbours dad(your dad) and all i get is a fucking lol then i am pissed.

and finally those "champs" who use it with their parents.

you wonder why your adopted.

That's It That.

Sm Shet

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spheres Of Courage.

Courage is a universal concept.But being a student of Engineering,I need a unit to measure courage.Unknowingly we all do measure courage,and that too use the same unit.It's called Balls.Please do not restrict it to only guys and tag yourself as a sexist.
Everyone need to grow balls to show courage.Except if you thing about it practically,It's kinda like your mommas cooking....SICK and highly Disgusting/.
Now how exactly can we measure courage with balls?.It's quite simple actually.
Your show of courage means that your balls=2.
If no go then balls=0.

So are you a 2 or a 0?
By the looks of it,you seem like a 1.
Well I'm just saying.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vampire Movie

I read Bram Stokers Dracula when i was 12.i was scared shitless.To date i sleep better when i can cover myself to my neck with my blanket,because i thought that i could fool all of them vampires by pretending not to have a neck...

and they wouldnt want just the head,right...?


And its not only Stokers book that sends chills down the spine.The works of Edgar Allen Poe and the dabbling of Stephen King still give me the heebie jeebiees.But the newer series of vampire fiction have a different effect on me.

when i watched Twilight,i wanted to rip off my head and stuff it in my unmentionables.


i dont get it why the creatures of darkness would turn into human disco balls in the day...

vampires must've loved the 70's!

i will take the time to state the obvious fact.

Stephanie Meyer is a talentless bitch,who wrote this book during a five year period.

im talking about the other period.

And she has done a wonderful job of brainwashing women all over the world.hey why dont you go on facebook now and see how many dumbass girls have uploaded statuses saying "TEAM JACOB" and pictures of all those twilight makes me sick,honestly,physically ill.every time i see one of these i just wanna crawl up and die.

Thats all folks,this is Three Dog.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Parallel Armageddon.

Notice how everything that is logical and sane clashes with the eternal truth.Hence I give you an alternative to your belief.The war that breeds under our noses and yet over our heads.The truth to the false pretensions we are under in.
Yes there is a war.
Who are fighting in this war you ask?
Why don't we know about it you ask?
Where are the cream cakes you ask?
Why don't you have many friends you ask?
(You ask too many questions,And I don't like you very much)
The 4 paths to extinction:

1.The Penguins.

Easily deceive able due to their dumb walking style.Know to have originally founded Ninjutsu and created Tuxedos.These creatures of the deep Antarctica region put their plans of world domination to action with their superior skills of town planning and ice surfing.
You thought Ice age was a natural phenomenon?
Think again.

2.The LoLCats.

Known for their love for cheese burgers and hated by the grammar Nazi's for their ignorance in spellings,these furry specimens infiltrate into households and later into the sheer system on which mankind runs on only to sabotage the order created chaos and in turn total domination.Further divided into 2 sub groups namely.

   2.1 Basement Cat.
Specializes in stealing any beings souls.Lurks normally in the quiet shadows of our homes and streets.Love to snack occasionally out of bins.Said to have claws that have been given by Lucifer himself.Only thing stopping them from stealing your souls right now is back rubs.
And of course cheese burgers.

   2.2 Ceiling Cat.
The good of the two,Ceiling cats are known to always have an eye on you.Always watching you no matter where you are.You can run,and even hide but they would have seen you while you were at it so Escape FAIL.They are watching you....right stop fapping.Good always comes with a cost.The same as the Big Mac to be precise.Combined with the uncanny powers of the basement cat....
There will be no mercy.
And Cheese burgers.

Cracked under the greed of humans,the leprechauns have taken their stand.The most violent of the lot,these bad-ass mofos were the first to unleash their attack.The attack causing confusion throughout the world damaging brain cells on the way.
LO BEHOLD "The Double Rainbow"!!!
4.The Aliens.
They are omnipotent and probably the most ancient of the Titans.
Aliens have successfully disguised them selfs among the mere humans and animals alike.Feared for their technology and adored for their slick hairdo,these freak shows know no bounds of extermination.
They know no peace.
Mostly because they can't pronounce "P" and are colorblind to white.
Maybe they were never meant to..

The real question is.
Whose side are you on?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yeah,Of Course It Relates.

I'm not sure how many of you grey brained imbeciles noticed how most of the television ADs have absolutely nothing to do with the product that they are trying to sell.How is a soft drink ever going to help you make friends.Not unless you buy one for someone everyday.And there I smell desperation.And a financial depression heading your way.
When does eating a candy of any sort make your sense of communication mutate?
A mango drink which I am pretty sure gave somewhat of an orgasm to Katrina Kaif?!
But nevertheless these ads compare nothing to the ones made by the Arab community during any major football events.Amazingly an AD about anything and everything can be related to football.Be it a cell phone company,fast food joint,hair shampoo,cooking oil,hell even a baby diaper AD.At first you go like "WTF" or "Dude,this is fucked up right here" but then again don't you see what happening?There are no creative heads or advertisement in-charges  behind these insubordinations.They have appointed genetically modified apes to do it.
Trust me.These Advertising Apes have been flushed out of their so called remaining creativity and given the knowledge to edit and film.
But you got to agree.Those apes are doing quite a fine job,being apes and all.