Tuesday, October 19, 2010



wat the fuck is that?


it dosent even look like a word.

All you fucking lol,rofl,roflmao,dsfhjgh(i just made that up)(no wait i didnt)(no i did.fuckface) "coolsters".


It is not cool.no wait kewl(fuckface),to use that.It is not a word and if u really found something that funny then laugh fuckers.


Online fine,its just acceptable,but when i fucking tell you a 10 min story about how i banged your neighbours mom(actually yours) and then got caught by neighbours dad(your dad) and all i get is a fucking lol then i am pissed.

and finally those "champs" who use it with their parents.

you wonder why your adopted.

That's It That.

Sm Shet

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