Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yeah,Of Course It Relates.

I'm not sure how many of you grey brained imbeciles noticed how most of the television ADs have absolutely nothing to do with the product that they are trying to sell.How is a soft drink ever going to help you make friends.Not unless you buy one for someone everyday.And there I smell desperation.And a financial depression heading your way.
When does eating a candy of any sort make your sense of communication mutate?
A mango drink which I am pretty sure gave somewhat of an orgasm to Katrina Kaif?!
But nevertheless these ads compare nothing to the ones made by the Arab community during any major football events.Amazingly an AD about anything and everything can be related to football.Be it a cell phone company,fast food joint,hair shampoo,cooking oil,hell even a baby diaper AD.At first you go like "WTF" or "Dude,this is fucked up right here" but then again don't you see what happening?There are no creative heads or advertisement in-charges  behind these insubordinations.They have appointed genetically modified apes to do it.
Trust me.These Advertising Apes have been flushed out of their so called remaining creativity and given the knowledge to edit and film.
But you got to agree.Those apes are doing quite a fine job,being apes and all.

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