Thursday, September 30, 2010

God are you there?It's me,Religion.

Well we gotta believe in something.I believe in a superior being.But thats not the point.
Religion gravely questions Logic.But then again,so do human emotions.Mistaken me not for an Atheist,for I think Atheism is over rated.But it isn't the Atheists who create problems.Hell it's not even the extremists(at times).In fact it's those middle men who normally are as quiet as a deaf man's thoughts but when somehow something sparks up,it's them standing in the front with fires and swords.
I don't really blame Religion,cause i don't like to take chances.Hell does not sound pleasant.But I blame the fact that there is "Unity in diversity".Thats just ridiculous.
Diversity always...always leads to group-ism.And diversity due to Religion never leads to anything good EVAR.
But then again,we gotta believe in something right.
I believe in a God.But there is also this familiar concept that we are all unwilling to digest.
No matter what we believe in,no matter how accepting we are of other beliefs and tolerant of other's ideals,In the end....We are all so Fucking Fucked.

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