Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haters Will Hate

A few people have a problem with me trying to judge others.But I think of it this way,by tagging me as the one who judges others, YOU have judged me too.
The tables my friend,they have turned.
But not so much cause then we'd have a turn table without a DJ.
And if you think that was bad,wait till you hear what your mom did to conceive you.
There's something that I really liked about the people from the south.And by south I mean the black people.And by black people I specifically mean the low riders,and by low riding I am describing their pant's current status.
You could say what ever you want around them,being one of them ofcourse and they won't judge you jack.
Instead they bust a cap on yo ass.
haha those damn gangsta rap enthusiasts never fail to amuse me.
Well,you know what they say,
Sticks and stones will break my bones,but words don't do shit cause them sons of bitches are illiterate.

I don't hate gangstas,I just don't see the point of them existing.
Or you for that matter.

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