Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing personal.Just rhetorical.

Recently I came to notice through a friend of mine the concept of  'why-ing'.It is nothing but the power to veto something into non-existence as it rips out the sheer soul of the subject.
It basically works this way as it follows a strict natural algorithm.
  1. A person trys to enlighten his peers through recently attained knowledge,through the medium of humor.
Srinath: "What do you call a group of farmers stuck in a traffic.?...Kissan Jam". 
    2.  Upon reading this monstrosity,random friend decides to 'why' it to stop this abomination.
Random 1:"why Srinath,why"?
   3.    Upon being 'why-ed' the above clause looses it's essence..nay...dignity.
          And hence forth be never spoken about again.And thus rendering the argument invalid.

I believe all the wars  and disagreements can be stopped using this method.
So let's 'why' their asses to hell.
Stop wondering why jackass,because we are stealing their jobs.

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