Thursday, September 30, 2010

God are you there?It's me,Religion.

Well we gotta believe in something.I believe in a superior being.But thats not the point.
Religion gravely questions Logic.But then again,so do human emotions.Mistaken me not for an Atheist,for I think Atheism is over rated.But it isn't the Atheists who create problems.Hell it's not even the extremists(at times).In fact it's those middle men who normally are as quiet as a deaf man's thoughts but when somehow something sparks up,it's them standing in the front with fires and swords.
I don't really blame Religion,cause i don't like to take chances.Hell does not sound pleasant.But I blame the fact that there is "Unity in diversity".Thats just ridiculous.
Diversity always...always leads to group-ism.And diversity due to Religion never leads to anything good EVAR.
But then again,we gotta believe in something right.
I believe in a God.But there is also this familiar concept that we are all unwilling to digest.
No matter what we believe in,no matter how accepting we are of other beliefs and tolerant of other's ideals,In the end....We are all so Fucking Fucked.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The line,You have crossed it.

I puked in my mouth,and the honey popcorn I had been munching on wasn't even to blame.I had come to watch this hindi movie "Dabangg" which had reportedly made a lot of money on its opening week.
This movie like most of the other "blockbuster" movies was a major fail.
Judging by your over acting looks and stares (Just like the nonsense you appreciate) you must be thinking that I have been washed into the western culture.But am I...
Movies like Lagaan,3 Idiots,A Wednesday,Dev D,Rock On and a few others made me think that there was hope for Indian Cinema.But those darn Indian directors and script writers just wanna prove me wrong.
Now being an Indian boy I'm a complete traitor to the Indian bollywood scene.It's just BS.Here's why.
1.Originality.There is none.

2.Being inspired is one thing,but ripping off an entire scene like it's no body's business is just wrong.

3.Movies are mainly made from the prime purpose of entertainment.And by the looks of it,the locals have some fucked up sense of amusement.

4.I still don't get how do them love birds start dancing on a song at some European country with some random people joining them knowing the exact same dance moves and the music being played in the sky somewhere.I mean
Yeah wise crack I know it was Egypt but couldn't find any other pic

5.Dialogues.They never seem to know when to stop talking.

6.Over acting.Everyone seems to be way across the line.waaaayyyy across.

7.The bad guys.They are just too stupid.Way too stupid.

8.Most of the movies seem to have the same template.Hero has tormented childhood,grows up to be some hot looking nut-job,bad guys are some retarded fucks.Hero dances and does nonsense to impress hot looking chic randomly seen during the movie.Some really effed up sense of humor in the middle.Some shit the bad guys do,hero seeks revenge.There,I could make it big too in Bollywood now.

9.The songs,ohh the music....least tell me in advance so that I can chop of my ears before hand.

10.And there is the Kollywood down under whose actions scenes are just...well..see for yourself

Well I'm not saying that them white folks have it great all the time.But that's not even the point here.
I mean really.Stop encouraging these Indian movie directors.This will never end well for the human race.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haters Will Hate

A few people have a problem with me trying to judge others.But I think of it this way,by tagging me as the one who judges others, YOU have judged me too.
The tables my friend,they have turned.
But not so much cause then we'd have a turn table without a DJ.
And if you think that was bad,wait till you hear what your mom did to conceive you.
There's something that I really liked about the people from the south.And by south I mean the black people.And by black people I specifically mean the low riders,and by low riding I am describing their pant's current status.
You could say what ever you want around them,being one of them ofcourse and they won't judge you jack.
Instead they bust a cap on yo ass.
haha those damn gangsta rap enthusiasts never fail to amuse me.
Well,you know what they say,
Sticks and stones will break my bones,but words don't do shit cause them sons of bitches are illiterate.

I don't hate gangstas,I just don't see the point of them existing.
Or you for that matter.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing personal.Just rhetorical.

Recently I came to notice through a friend of mine the concept of  'why-ing'.It is nothing but the power to veto something into non-existence as it rips out the sheer soul of the subject.
It basically works this way as it follows a strict natural algorithm.
  1. A person trys to enlighten his peers through recently attained knowledge,through the medium of humor.
Srinath: "What do you call a group of farmers stuck in a traffic.?...Kissan Jam". 
    2.  Upon reading this monstrosity,random friend decides to 'why' it to stop this abomination.
Random 1:"why Srinath,why"?
   3.    Upon being 'why-ed' the above clause looses it's essence..nay...dignity.
          And hence forth be never spoken about again.And thus rendering the argument invalid.

I believe all the wars  and disagreements can be stopped using this method.
So let's 'why' their asses to hell.
Stop wondering why jackass,because we are stealing their jobs.