Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Parallel Armageddon.

Notice how everything that is logical and sane clashes with the eternal truth.Hence I give you an alternative to your belief.The war that breeds under our noses and yet over our heads.The truth to the false pretensions we are under in.
Yes there is a war.
Who are fighting in this war you ask?
Why don't we know about it you ask?
Where are the cream cakes you ask?
Why don't you have many friends you ask?
(You ask too many questions,And I don't like you very much)
The 4 paths to extinction:

1.The Penguins.

Easily deceive able due to their dumb walking style.Know to have originally founded Ninjutsu and created Tuxedos.These creatures of the deep Antarctica region put their plans of world domination to action with their superior skills of town planning and ice surfing.
You thought Ice age was a natural phenomenon?
Think again.

2.The LoLCats.

Known for their love for cheese burgers and hated by the grammar Nazi's for their ignorance in spellings,these furry specimens infiltrate into households and later into the sheer system on which mankind runs on only to sabotage the order created chaos and in turn total domination.Further divided into 2 sub groups namely.

   2.1 Basement Cat.
Specializes in stealing any beings souls.Lurks normally in the quiet shadows of our homes and streets.Love to snack occasionally out of bins.Said to have claws that have been given by Lucifer himself.Only thing stopping them from stealing your souls right now is back rubs.
And of course cheese burgers.

   2.2 Ceiling Cat.
The good of the two,Ceiling cats are known to always have an eye on you.Always watching you no matter where you are.You can run,and even hide but they would have seen you while you were at it so Escape FAIL.They are watching you....right stop fapping.Good always comes with a cost.The same as the Big Mac to be precise.Combined with the uncanny powers of the basement cat....
There will be no mercy.
And Cheese burgers.

Cracked under the greed of humans,the leprechauns have taken their stand.The most violent of the lot,these bad-ass mofos were the first to unleash their attack.The attack causing confusion throughout the world damaging brain cells on the way.
LO BEHOLD "The Double Rainbow"!!!
4.The Aliens.
They are omnipotent and probably the most ancient of the Titans.
Aliens have successfully disguised them selfs among the mere humans and animals alike.Feared for their technology and adored for their slick hairdo,these freak shows know no bounds of extermination.
They know no peace.
Mostly because they can't pronounce "P" and are colorblind to white.
Maybe they were never meant to..

The real question is.
Whose side are you on?

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