Monday, November 8, 2010

Just One Too Many.

So whats the deal with polygamy?I really don't get it.Here is the catch,for all those who think it is unfair to the woman are possibly quite wrong.Heres why,the guy is being used by multiple woman.A good thing??..Hell no it ain't a good thing.
Maybe for a week or two but then what?Having one wife itself seems pretty messed up with the nagging and what not and then having more than one wife.Man that shit is so messed up it is just beyond me.
"Love" would probably die brutally right in the early days and there are kids...Kids...and kids...and more kids.
Now,unless the guy owns a cow which shits out all sorts of currency it ain't going to make this situation easy.
And why call it Polygamy?I honestly when young thought it was some sort of a game.Well,it is isn't it.
I ain't pointing fingers at no religion or culture.
Cause pointing finger through a computer screen is like singing "OH FORTUNA" while taking a dump.Feels good as hell but ain't worth a crap.
This is all too much for me.

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