Monday, January 31, 2011

Delusional Narcissism.

Its one of the few things that annoy me.Other things being :
1.Using the fan and the AC together.
2.Mainstream music.
3.Laying on your sweat covered back.
4.And of course,wearing a cell phone holder on your belt *gives stink eye*.
I know quite a few people who suffer from this deleterious disease.All I am saying is,if your face was scaled by god and carved by angels them selfs...don't go shoving it down other's throats.Its not very nice.
There is always this sudden urge to throw knifes and dead rats at such kinds.I ain't the kind kind of person who would throw acid on your face or cut your 'delicious' face with a sharp piece of glass.But I would most definitely drop a leech down your nostril when you are sound asleep.
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.But it pisses the hell out of me if you yourself are the beholder.
If you think you look good,then you probably are.If you think you are ugly,sure as hell you must a ugly beaver.
But if I think you are a pain to the mere thought of existence,then leech....nostril....sweet dreams.
And this goes to those incredibly self-centered display pictures too.
I am watching you.....*swings a leech with index and thumb*

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  1. I believe i have too many of those. Would the 22 year old Abraar still do the same to me?