Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Parallel Armageddon (Origins)

(This line of narration is devoid of all sorts religious and scientific beliefs.For those offended,I care not.)

Many wonder how this particular path to the inevitable holocaust was created.For once we know it all started with the Aliens.And their clout over the technology of creating new life.(For those religious Mongrols who still want to read this,God probably had gone to take a leak then...for a few hundred years).
Even thou the Cats were fully created by Aliens,the penguins were only breed by them.Penguins were then called 'Enguins' as the Aliens cannot pronounce the letter "P".
The Cats,who then seemed to have been the pets of the Alien gradually became aware of their self consciousness but decided to remain loyal to the Aliens.Unlike the Enguins who had already planned their escape to the edge of the Earth.
Using the Aliens only known weakness then (Bad poetry),the Enguins managed to get their hands/wings/flaps on a few lyrics written by Lil Wayne and then mentally distorted their way outta there on small capsules powered by cocaine.("There" being a huge ass mother fucking spaceship...with snakes on it).
Disoriented from the blahsmy that is Lil Wayne's songs ,the Aliens let the Enguins go...for now.But during this time the Cats had developed a very bad vocabulary (with no thanks to Wayne) but their elite dexterity over the art of infiltration was not compromised and hence they were send down to earth by the Aliens to seek and destroy the now called 'Penguins'.
Being the sly creatures that they are,the Cats upon reaching the realms of earth evaded the Alien's tracking devices and blended in with the civilization.
Pissed off their asses the Aliens came up with the plan of creating a race so supreme and powerful which would bring down the fast developing Penguin's and Cat's races.(And bring about the destruction of this pete' world)
Some say the Aliens made this race using just a bottle of Gold (III) chloride and a 20cm scale.(Yes,God has a very small bladder and had gone to take a leak again).Going by the name of 'Leprechauns' and armed with a golden automatic rifle (each and everyone of them,no children...they don't have children but are rather born old enough).
Thus unfolds a legacy of treachery, defiance,power and cheese burgers.....

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